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ASME/ANSI B 18.21.1 Type A American Standard Flat Washer Manufacturer In China

As a professional manufacturer, we offer you high-quality American Standard Flat Washer that complies with ASME/ANSI B18.21.1 standards. Our products not only cover a variety of sizes and specifications, but also cover a variety of materials and surface treatment options to meet the needs of different customers.

We have advanced production equipment and technical teams, including precision stamping equipment, efficient heat treatment production lines, and a professional team of engineers. The cooperation of these equipment and teams ensures that we can accurately produce flat gasket products that meet standard requirements and reach industry-leading levels in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish. In terms of quality, we strictly control every aspect. From the procurement and inspection of raw materials, to quality control and inspection during the production process, to the factory inspection of the final product, we strictly follow the quality management system to ensure that every product meets the standard requirements and has stable and reliable quality. performance.

In addition to standard specification products, we also provide customized services. Customers can choose different sizes, materials and surface treatments according to their needs, and our team of engineers will work closely with them to provide them with personalized solutions to ensure that the product fully meets their needs. Our products are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, electronic equipment and other fields. Whether in structural connections, equipment assembly, or other industrial applications, our products work wonders, providing customers with stable and reliable connections and support.

ASME ANSI B18.21.1 Hot Dip Galvanized American Standard Flat Washer
ASME ANSI B18.21.1 Zinc Plated American Standard Flat Washer

Specification of ASME/ANSI B 18.21.1 Type A Washer:

The specification of ASME/ANSI B 18.21.1 include the following details:

Product nameASME/ANSI B 18.21.1 Flat Washer
Material:Steel: Q195, Q235,C45,40CR
Stainless Steel: SS304/SS316
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain/Black Oxidation/HDG/Dacromet
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets

Dimension Chart of ANSI/ASME B 18.2.2 Flat Washer:

ASME ANSI B18.21.1 Flat Washer Dimension Chart Drawing

Inner Diameter#0#2#4#6#83/16#10#121/45/163/87/161/29/165/8
d max0.0780.0940.1330.1640.1960.2650.2270.2650.2960.3590.4210.4840.5460.6090.686
d min0.0730.0890.120.1510.1830.2450.2140.2450.2760.3390.4010.4640.5260.5890.649
dc max0.1880.250.320.390.4530.5770.5150.5770.640.7030.8270.9371.0921.1861.342
dc min0.1830.2450.3070.370.4330.5570.4950.5570.620.6830.8070.9171.0551.1491.305
h max0.0250.0250.040.0650.0650.0650.0650.
h min0.0160.0160.0250.0360.0360.0360.0360.0510.0510.0510.0510.0510.0740.0740.074
Inner Diameter3/47/811-1/81-1/41-3/81-1/21-5/81-3/41-7/822-1/42-1/22-3/43
d max0.8420.9681.0921.281.4051.531.6551.7951.922.0452.172.422.672.943.19
d min0.8050.9311.0551.2431.3681.4931.6181.741.8651.992.1152.3652.6152.8653.115
dc max1.4991.782.032.282.532.783.033.7954.0454.2954.5454.7955.0455.3155.565
dc min1.4621.7431.9932.2432.4932.7432.9933.743.994.244.494.744.995.245.49
h max0.
h min0.1080.1080.1080.1080.1360.1360.1360.1530.1530.1530.1530.1930.210.2280.249

Application of ANSI/ASME B 18.2.2 Flat Washer:

ASME/ANSI B18.21.1 flat washers find application across a wide range of industries due to their versatility and importance in mechanical assemblies. Some of the key industries where these flat washers are commonly used include:

Construction:In construction applications, ASME/ANSI B18.21.1 flat washers are used in structural connections, such as securing beams, columns, and other structural elements. They help distribute the load evenly and ensure a secure connection, contributing to the stability and integrity of the structure.
Manufacturing:Flat washers are widely used in manufacturing processes across industries such as machinery, equipment, and appliances. They are used in assembly lines to secure components, align parts, and provide a cushioning effect to reduce vibration and noise in machinery and equipment.
Electronics:Flat washers are used in electronic devices and equipment to provide insulation, support, and alignment. They are commonly used in circuit boards, electrical enclosures, and connectors to ensure proper spacing, alignment, and electrical isolation between components.
Renewable Energy:In the renewable energy sector, flat washers are used in the construction and maintenance of solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems. They help secure structural components and fasteners in place, ensuring the reliability and durability of these energy systems.