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GOST 5915 Russia Standard Hex Nut Manufacturer In China

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GOST5915 Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Nuts
GOST5915 Zinc Plated Galvanized Hex Nuts

Specification of GOST 5915 Russia Standard Hex Nut:

The specification of UNI5588 Hex Nuts include the following details:

Product nameGOST 5915 Hex Nut
Thread Diameter:M1.6-M48
Class:ISO898-2 Class5/8/10/12
Material:Steel: Q195, Q235,C45,40CR,35CRMO,42CRMO
Stainless Steel: SS304/SS316
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain/Black Oxidation/HDG/Dacromet
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets

Dimension Chart of GOST 5915 Russia Standard Hex Nut:

Gost5915 Hex Nuts Dimension Chart Drawing

Thread DiameterM1.6M2M2.5M3M3.5M4M5M6M7M8M10M12M14
e min3.414.325.456.016.587.668.7911.0512.1214.3818.921.124.49
k max1.31.622.42.83.2455.56.581011
k min1.051.351.752.152.552.
s max3.2455.5678101113171922
s min3.023.824.825.325.826.787.789.7810.7312.7316.7318.6721.67
Thread DiameterM16M18M20M22M24M27M30M33M36M39M42M45M48
e min26.7529.5632.9535.0339.5545.250.8555.3760.7966.4471.376.9582.6
k max13151618192224262931343638
k min12.314.314.916.917.720.722.724.727.429.432.434.436.4
s max24273032364146505560657075
s min23.6726.1629.16313540454953.858.863.168.173.1

Application of GOST 5915 Russia Standard Hex Nut:

GOST 5915 is a Russian standard for hexagon nuts with metric threads. These nuts have specific dimensions and specifications designed for various applications in industries such as construction, automotive, machinery, and more. Some common applications include fastening components together securely in mechanical assemblies, structures, equipment, and machinery where vibration resistance and durability are required. They are commonly used in conjunction with bolts and screws to create strong and stable connections.

Construction Industry:Hex nuts conforming to GOST 5915 are widely used in construction projects for fastening structural elements such as beams, columns, and panels. They provide a reliable connection that withstands the loads and stresses encountered in buildings and infrastructure.
Automotive Sector:In automotive manufacturing and repair, GOST 5915 hex nuts are utilized for securing various components such as engines, chassis, suspension systems, and body panels. These nuts ensure proper assembly and structural integrity in vehicles.
Machinery and Equipment:Hex nuts meeting GOST 5915 standards find extensive application in machinery and equipment across diverse industries. They are used for fastening parts in heavy machinery, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, and manufacturing plants, ensuring operational reliability and safety.
Railway and Transportation:In the railway sector, GOST 5915 hex nuts are employed for assembling rail tracks, fastening components in locomotives and railcars, and maintaining railway infrastructure. They provide robust connections that withstand the dynamic forces and vibrations experienced in rail transportation.
Heavy Engineering:Industries involved in heavy engineering, including shipbuilding, aerospace, mining, and oil & gas, rely on GOST 5915 hex nuts for assembling large-scale structures, machinery, and equipment. These nuts offer high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability in demanding environments.