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ASTM A354 Hex Bolts Manufacturer In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners is a ASTM A354 hex bolts manufacturer, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and professional services. We have advanced production equipment, including cold heading machines, hot forging machines, thread rolling machines and heat treatment lines, as well as complete testing equipment to ensure that the quality of our products is stable and reliable. The bolts we produce are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, aerospace, petrochemical industry and other fields, providing customers with reliable fastening solutions. In addition, we offer a variety of bolt surface treatment options, including blackened, hot-dip galvanized, Dacromet, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

In terms of technology, we have an experienced team of fastener engineers who can provide professional technical support and solutions. Whether it is product design, material selection or production technology, we are able to provide customized solutions according to customer needs to ensure that our various needs are met. In terms of quality control, we strictly implement ASTM A354 standards and conduct strict inspections and tests at every step from the procurement of raw materials to the production process to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements. We focus on employee training and improve employees’ quality awareness and technical level to ensure that our products always remain at the leading level in the industry.

Our bolts are exported to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

ASTM A354 Grade BC BD Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Bolts
ASTM A354 Grade BC BD Black Oxidation Hex Bolts

Specification of ASTM A354 Hex Bolts:

The specification of ASTM A354 Hex Bolts include the following details:

Product nameASTM A354 Hex Bolts
Material:AISI 4140
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain/Hot Dip Galvanized/Black Oxidation/Dacromet
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets
Compatible Nuts:A563 Grade DH Heavy Hex Nuts

Dimension Chart of ASTM A354 Hex Bolts:

Drawing of ASTM A354 Hex Bolts

Thread Diameter1/45/163/87/161/29/165/83/47/811-1/81-1/41-3/81-1/21-5/81-3/41-7/822-1/42-1/22-3/43
ds max0.250.31250.3750.43750.50.56250.6250.750.87511.1251.251.3751.51.6251.751.87522.252.52.753
ds min0.2450.30650.3690.43050.4930.55450.6170.7410.8660.991.1141.2391.3631.4881.6131.7381.8631.9882.2382.4882.7382.988
s max0.4380.50.5620.6250.750.8120.9381.1251.3121.51.6881.8752.0622.252.4382.6252.81233.3753.754.1254.5
s min0.4280.4890.5510.6120.7360.7980.9221.11.2851.4691.6311.8121.9942.1752.3562.5382.7192.93.2623.6253.9884.35
e max0.5050.5770.650.7220.8660.9381.0831.2991.5161.7321.9492.1652.3822.5982.8153.0313.2483.4643.8974.334.7635.196
e min0.4880.5570.6280.6980.840.911.0511.2541.4651.6751.8592.0662.2732.482.6862.8933.0993.3063.7194.1334.5464.959
k max0.1630.2110.2430.2910.3230.3710.4030.4830.5630.6270.7180.8130.8780.9741.0381.1341.1981.2631.4231.5831.7441.935
k min0.150.1950.2260.2720.3020.3480.3780.4550.5310.5910.6580.7490.810.9020.9621.0541.1141.1751.3271.4791.6321.815

Chemical Composition:

Chemical ElementComposition

Mechanical Property:

Grade:Thread Diameter:Tension Strength: Min (MPA)Yield Strength: Min (MPA)Elongation: Min (%)Reduction Area: Min (%)

Application of ASTM A354 Hex Bolts:

Grade BC/BD ASTM A354 hex bolts are commonly used in various industries for applications that require high-strength fastening. Some common applications include:

Construction:Grade BC/BD ASTM A354 hex bolts are used in structural steel construction for connecting beams, columns, and other structural members. Their high-strength properties make them suitable for ensuring the stability and integrity of large structures such as buildings, bridges, and stadiums.
Infrastructure:These bolts are employed in infrastructure projects such as road and bridge construction, where they are used to fasten guardrails, signposts, and other components. Their durability and resistance to corrosion make them ideal for outdoor applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
Machinery and Equipment:Grade BC/BD ASTM A354 hex bolts find application in the manufacturing of heavy machinery and equipment, where secure fastening is essential to ensure operational safety. They are used in the assembly of industrial machinery, mining equipment, and agricultural machinery.