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AS/NZS 2465 Australian Standard Hexagon Nuts Manufacturer In China

AS/NZS 2465 is part of the Australian/New Zealand Standard and is a specification for hex nuts. This standard specifies requirements for hexagonal nuts in terms of dimensions, materials, quality control and test methods. As a professional manufacturer of AS/NZS 2465 hexagonal nuts, we are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent service. Our production range ranges from 1/4 inch to 4 inches, covering a wide range of size needs.

We have advanced production equipment, including professional cold heading machines, hot forging machines, tapping machines, automatic chamfering machines and heat treatment production lines. These equipment ensure that we can efficiently and accurately produce hexagonal nuts that meet standard requirements.

In terms of quality, we strictly implement the quality management system to ensure that the hardness and load-bearing capacity of our products meet or exceed industry standards. We are equipped with professional testing equipment and quality control team to conduct comprehensive quality inspection and testing of products to ensure that every nut can meet customer requirements. We won the trust and praise of our customers with our competitive prices and high-quality products.

AS NZS 2465 Black Oxidation Hexagon Nuts
AS NZS 2465 Zinc Plated Hexagon Nuts

Specification of AS/NZS 2465 Australian Standard Hexagon Nuts:

The specification of AS/NZS 2465 Hexagon Nuts include the following details:

Product nameAS/NZS 2465 Hexagon Nuts
MOQ:1 Ton/Size
Grade:SAE J 995 Grade 2/5/8
Material:Steel: Q195,Q235,C45,40CR,42CRMO,35CRMO
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain/Black Oxidation/HDG/Dacromet
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets

Dimension Chart of AS/NZS 2465 Australian Standard Hexagon Nuts:

AS NZS 2465 Hex Nuts Dimension Chart Drawing

Thread Diameter1/45/163/87/161/29/165/83/47/811-1/81-1/41-3/8
s min0.4280.4890.5510.6750.7360.8610.9221.0881.2691.451.6311.8121.994
s max0.4380.50.5630.6880.750.8750.9381.1251.3121.51.6881.8752.062
e min0.4880.5570.6280.7680.840.9821.0511.241.4471.6531.8592.0662.273
e max0.5050.5770.650.7940.8661.011.0831.2991.5161.7321.9492.1652.382
k min0.2120.2580.320.3650.4270.4730.5350.6170.7240.8310.9391.031.138
k maxk max0.2260.2730.3370.3850.4480.4960.5590.6650.7760.8870.9991.0941.206
Thread Diameter1-1/21-5/81-3/41-7/822-1/42-1/22-3/433-1/43-1/23-3/44
s min2.1752.352.5382.7222.93.2633.6253.9884.354.7135.0755.4385.8
s max2.252.432.6252.81333.3753.754.1254.54.8755.255.6256
e min2.482.6792.8933.1033.3063.7194.1334.5464.9595.3735.7866.1996.612
e max2.5982.8053.0313.2473.4643.8974.334.7635.1965.6296.0626.4956.928
k min1.2451.3641.461.5671.6751.892.1052.3192.5342.7492.9643.1783.393
k maxk max1.3171.4161.541.6511.7631.9862.2092.4312.6542.8773.13.3223.545

Application of AS/NZS 2465 Hex Nuts:

AS/NZS 2465 hex nuts are versatile fasteners that find application across various industries and sectors where secure and reliable fastening solutions are essential. Their compatibility with AS/NZS standards ensures quality and performance in diverse .

Construction and Structural Engineering:AS/NZS 2465 hex nuts are extensively used in construction projects for fastening structural components such as beams, columns, and trusses. They ensure the stability and integrity of buildings and structures by securely holding components together.
Manufacturing and Engineering:These nuts find application in manufacturing and engineering processes for assembling machinery, equipment, and industrial components. They provide secure fastening solutions for parts and components, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.
Infrastructure Projects:AS/NZS 2465 hex nuts are employed in infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, and railway systems. They are used for fastening various structural elements, including rails, girders, and bridge decks, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of infrastructure facilities.
Electrical and Telecommunications:In the electrical and telecommunications industries, these nuts are used for fastening cable trays, conduit fittings, and electrical enclosures. They provide secure mounting solutions for electrical components, ensuring proper installation and functionality.
Agricultural Machinery:AS/NZS 2465 hex nuts are used in agricultural machinery and equipment for assembling components such as plows, harvesters, and irrigation systems. They provide reliable fastening solutions for agricultural operations, ensuring equipment durability and performance.