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SS316 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Manufacturer, Supplier and Factory In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading ss316 manufacturer in China. We stand out as a leading SS316 threaded rod manufacturer, dedicated to quality. Our products, reaching countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

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SS316 stainless steel threaded rod

Specification of SS316 Threaded Rod:

The specification of ss316 threaded rod refers to its specific dimensions, thread pitch, and other mechanical properties.

Product nameA2-70 Hex Bolt
Size:Metric: M1.6-M100
Imperial:0# to 4"
Length:Metric: Up to 800mm
Imperial: Up to 30"
Material:ASTM 304 stainless steel in the United States or 1.4301 in the European standard. This steel is composed of iron, 18% chromium, and 8% nickel, providing good corrosion resistance
Strength Grade: 700 MPa (min)
Head Type:Hex Head
Industry Standards:ISO/ASTM/ASME/DIN/UNI/JIS
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets
Application:Construction/Automotive/Marine/Aerospace/Food and Beverage Industry/Medical Equipment/Chemical Processing/Water Treatment

FAQ about ss316 threaded rod:

1. Q: What is SS316 threaded rod used for?
A: Our SS316 threaded rods are versatile and commonly used in various applications such as construction, marine environments, and industrial settings. They provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

2. Q: Do you offer custom lengths for SS316 threaded rods?
A: Certainly. We understand that projects have unique requirements. Contact us, and we’ll work with you to provide SS316 threaded rods in the lengths that suit your specific needs.

3. Q: Can I get a sample of your SS316 threaded rod before making a bulk purchase?
A: Absolutely. Contact our team, and we’ll be happy to discuss sample options to ensure our SS316 threaded rods align with your project requirements.

4. Q: Are SS316 threaded rods suitable for high-temperature applications?
A: While SS316 offers good resistance to high temperatures, it’s essential to consider the specific conditions. For extreme heat environments, consult with our experts to determine the most suitable solution.

5. Q: How do I maintain SS316 threaded rods?

A: Regular cleaning and inspections are recommended, especially in marine or corrosive environments, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Quality control of ss316 threaded rod:

Control MethodDetail
Material Inspection:Verify the material's composition, heat treatment, and quality upon receipt. Conduct metallurgical analysis to ensure the material properties meet the standards.
Process Control:Implement strict process control measures for heat treatment, machining, threading, and any other manufacturing steps. Maintain consistent process parameters to ensure uniform quality.
Inspection Points:Introduce inspection points at various stages of manufacturing to check for defects, dimensions, and quality. Inspect threading, dimensions, surface finish, and other critical parameters.
Sampling and Testing:Regularly sample products for testing, such as tensile testing, hardness testing, and metallurgical analysis, to ensure they meet the required specifications.
Thread Inspection:Thoroughly inspect threading using proper thread gauges to ensure accurate dimensions and fit with mating components.
Traceability:Implement a traceability system to track each fasteners journey from raw material to final product. This aids in accountability and recalls if necessary.