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A563 American Standard Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading American Standard A563 heavy hex nuts manufacturer in China. The A563 heavy hex nut is a specific type of nut that conforms to the ASTM A563 standard. ASTM A563 is a specification that covers various grades of carbon and alloy steel nuts used in construction and industrial applications. The heavy hex nut is designed with a larger width across the flats compared to a standard hex nut, which provides a larger bearing surface and increased load-carrying capability.

These nuts are typically used in structural and heavy-duty applications, such as in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other steel structures. They are often used in conjunction with ASTM A325 or A490 structural bolts for joining steel components.

The different grades of A563 heavy hex nuts (A563 Grade A, A563 Grade DH, and others) correspond to various strength levels and material compositions, each suitable for different types of applications and environmental conditions. It’s important to choose the appropriate grade based on the specific requirements of your project.

Specification of A563 American Standard Heavy Hex Nuts:

Here is the specification related to A563 heavy hex nuts:

1. Diameter: The diameter of an A563 nut refers to the size of the nut’s threaded hole. It is typically specified using a measurement like 1/2″, 5/8″, or 3/4″, indicating the inner diameter.

2. Grade: The grade of an A563 heavy hex nut signifies its strength and material properties. A563 nut come in different grades, such as A563 Grade A, A563 Grade B, or A563 Grade DH, each with specific requirements for strength and performance.

3. Material: The material of an A563 heavy hex nut is what it’s made from. These nuts are commonly made from carbon steel or alloy steel, depending on the grade, to meet specific strength and performance requirements.

4. Surface Treatment: Surface treatment refers to any coating or finish applied to the outer surface of the A563 heavy hex nut.

Product nameA563 Heavy Hex Nuts
StandardASTM A563
Materials:C45 steel
GradeA, B, C, D, DH
Dimension:According ASME B 18.2.2 Heavy Hex Nuts
Surface treatment:Black Oxide Coating/Zinc Plating (Electroplating)/Hot-Dip Galvanizing/Mechanical Galvanizing/Dacromet Coating/Painting or Powder Coating
Application IndustryConstruction/Bridges/Industrial Structures/Equipment and Machinery/Infrastructure

Chemical Requirements:

GradeCarbon%Manganese%, minPhosphorus%, maxSulfur%, max
O, A, B, C
0.58 max-0.130.15
D0.58 max0.270.0480.058

Mechanical properties:

Grade of A563 NutsNominal Nut SizeStyle of NutProof Load Stress, ksi
Hardness (Brinell)
AHex1/4 - 1-1/29068116 - 302
Heavy Hex1/4 - 410075116 - 302
BHeavy Hex1/4 - 1133100121 - 302
Heavy Hex1-1/8 - 1-1/211687121 - 302
CHeavy Hex1/4 - 4144144143 - 352
DHeavy Hex1/4 - 4150150248 - 352
DHHeavy Hex1/4 - 4175150248 - 352

FAQ about A563 American Standard Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer:

1.What’s the price of DH A563 nuts?

In general, our dh A563 heavy hex nuts are made of c45 steel. The price is made up of materials, processing, packaging and labor costs. We are focused on the production of high-quality fasteners factory. Committed to making our customers profitable. The wholesale price is 1400-2000usd/ton. The material price of steel will fluctuate frequently, and the price is different for different surface treatment/quantity, so please send the inquiry to our email for the specific price. Emai:

2.How many days does it take you to deliver a container of A563 nuts?

Our daily production capacity of cold heading and hot forging nuts is about 20 tons, but due to the arrangement of materials, heat treatment, surface treatment, order scheduling takes time. The average delivery time of nuts for a container is 30-40 days.

3.What are the key specifications for A563 heavy hex nuts?

Common specifications include thread size, thread pitch, width across flats (WAF), thickness (height), hardness and compliance with industry standards.

4.Can you provide samples of A563 heavy hex nuts?

Yes, we have some stock in regular sizes. Samples can be provided free of charge. But the customer needs to bear the freight.

5.What country do you export A563 heavy hex nuts to?

We exported to United States, Germany, Russia, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries for more than 10 years.