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Blind Rivets Manufacturers In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fastener Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rivets. The equipment mainly includes two-die four-punch, three-die six-punch, six-die six-punch cold heading machines, vacuum protection heat treatment furnace, automatic plate drawing equipment, automatic assembly machine, automatic packaging machine. We have strong technology and the latest production equipment and detector, to meet different customer requirements (GB, DIN, IFI, international standard ISO), the production of customer satisfaction and rest assured products, products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and Japan. Our rivet customers include: container manufacturing industry, elevator industry, urban rail transit vehicle supporting, automobile supporting suppliers, cabinet sheet metal supporting suppliers, Europe, America, Japan, Russia and other large senior fastener dealers.

Our products include open-mouth core-pulling rivets, closed core-pulling rivets, drum rivets, drawing rivets, lantern rivets, riveting tools and related fasteners, development, production, products are widely used in cabinets, high-speed trains, ships, communication electronics, home appliances, food machinery and other industries, well received by customers at home and abroad. With the future in mind, Hengfeng Company will continue to increase investment in product research and development, continue to optimize product structure, promote industrial systematization, product diversification, and provide customers with better and more comprehensive services.

blind rivet

Open End Blind Rivet

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of open-end blind rivet. Open-type blind rivets have strong riveting force and are easy and quick to install. Materials available include steel/steel, aluminum/aluminum (5050/5052/5056), aluminum/iron, aluminum/stainless steel, stainless steel/stainless steel, stainless steel/steel, copper/steel. We produce a large number of open-ended blind rivets every month, which are our most popular products, so we have a cost advantage. We ensure that the size of the rivets is accurate and safe and controllable. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions overseas. We have many years’ production and export experience for open end blind rivets.

closed end blind rivet

Closed End Blind Rivet

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of closed end blind rivet. Closed end blind rivets are composed of three parts: the rivet body, the core rod and the rivet cap. The rivet body is mainly made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It generally has high strength and corrosion resistance. The core rod is used to pull the rivet body into the the part of the workpiece, the rivet cap, is the part used to protect the head of the rivet. The closed end blind rivet has good hole filling performance, and the retained rivet core provides a strong vibration-resistant riveting. Our products have a good quality & price advantage and cover most of the European markets.

Hemlock Structural Blind Rivet

Hemlock High Strength Structural Blind Rivet

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners is a professional fasteners manufacturer.  Hemlock structural blind rivets are the important products for our factory. Hemlock rivet is a structural rivet with excellent shear strength and tensile strength. It has high shock resistance and large blind end bearing area. It is not easy to deform. It provides a large back pressure bearing surface and is close to the back plate. It is suitable for riveting. Riveting fields that require high strength and sealing performance, such as riveting of thin plates. With excellent quality, reasonable price and best service,we hope to be your best partner in China soon.

Installation process:

1. Insertion: The blind rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the materials to be joined. The head of the rivet is placed on one side, and the mandrel tail sticks out on the other side.

2. Setting: To secure the joint, a specialized rivet tool is used. When the tool is activated, it pulls the mandrel’s head, causing the tail end to deform and expand inside the rivet body. This expansion creates a bulge on the blind side of the materials, effectively clamping them together.

3. Break-off: Once the mandrel has been pulled completely, it breaks off at a predetermined point. The remaining part of the mandrel is discarded, leaving the installed blind rivet securely fastened.

Manufacturing quality of blind rivets:

Control MethodDetail
Material Inspection:Verify the material's composition, heat treatment, and quality upon receipt. Conduct metallurgical analysis to ensure the material properties meet the standards.
Process Control:Implement strict process control measures for heat treatment, machining, threading, and any other manufacturing steps. Maintain consistent process parameters to ensure uniform quality.
Inspection Points:Introduce inspection points at various stages of manufacturing to check for defects, dimensions, and quality. Inspect threading, dimensions, surface finish, and other critical parameters.
Sampling and Testing:Regularly sample products for testing, such as tensile testing, hardness testing, and metallurgical analysis, to ensure they meet the required specifications.
Thread Inspection:Thoroughly inspect threading using proper thread gauges to ensure accurate dimensions and fit with mating components.
Traceability:Implement a traceability system to track each fasteners journey from raw material to final product. This aids in accountability and recalls if necessary.