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DIN1587 Hex Dome Cap Nut Manufacturer In China

We are a professional DIN 1587 hexagonal nut manufacturer, adhering to many years of industry experience and excellent manufacturing technology. The company has advanced production equipment and technical teams, and is committed to producing products with high quality, reliability and precision to achieve industry standards. We are based on high -quality materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. to ensure the excellent strength and durability of the product. Through strict quality control and precise production technology, we guarantee that each product has accurate size and smooth surface to meet customers’ various needs.

We provide diversified product specifications and personalized customization services to meet the special needs and application scenarios of different customers. Whether it is standard specifications or special requirements, we can provide customers with satisfactory solutions. Therefore, our products are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, electronic equipment and other fields. Whether it is connected to thread parts or fixed structures, our products can ensure the stable connection of equipment and structures and provide customers with reliable guarantees.

Our company strictly abides by the quality management system, and all products have undergone strict quality testing and review to ensure stable and reliable product quality. We are committed to providing customers with high -quality products, satisfying their needs and winning trust. Customers are welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best quality products and services!

Zinc Plated DIN1587 Domed Cap Nut Manufacturer In China
Stainless Steel DIN1587 Domed Cap Nut Manufacturer In China

Specification of DIN1587 Hex Dome Cap Nut/Acorn Nut:

The specification of DIN1587 Hex Dome Cap Nut/Acorn Nut include the following details:

Product nameDIN6334 Hex Coupling Nuts
Material:Low Carbon Steel: Q195
Stainless Steel: SS304/SS316
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets
Stock:SS304: M6-M36

Dimension Chart of DIN1587 Hex Domed Nuts:

Thread DiameterM4M5M6M8M10M12M14M16M18M20M22M24
dk max6.57.59.512.51517202326283134
e min7.668.7911.0514.3817.7719.8522.7826.1729.5632.9535.0339.55
h max81012151822252832343942
h min7.649.6411.5714.5717.5721.1624.1627.1631333841
k max3.2456.5810111315161819
k min2.
s max7810131618212427303236
s min6.787.789.7812.7315.7317.5720.1623.1626.1629.163135
t min5.267.217.7110.6512.6515.6517.6520.5824.5825.5828.5830.5
t max5.747.798.2911.3513.3516.3518.3521.4225.4226.4229.4231.5

Application of DIN1587 Hex Dome Cap Nuts/Acorn Nut:

DIN 1587 Hex dome cap nuts, also known as acorn nuts, are utilized in various applications across different industries due to their unique design and functionality. Some common applications include:

Decorative and Aesthetic Purposes:Hex dome cap nuts are often used in furniture assembly, architectural structures, and landscaping projects for their decorative appearance. The rounded dome-shaped top adds a visually appealing finish to exposed bolts or studs, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the application.
Safety and Protection:The dome-shaped design of DIN 1587 nuts provides a protective cover over protruding bolts or studs, reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges. They are commonly used in playground equipment, handrails, and outdoor fixtures to safeguard against accidental contact.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment:In electrical and electronic applications, DIN 1587 nuts are used to secure components such as junction boxes, light fixtures, and electrical enclosures. The domed shape provides clearance for wires and cables while ensuring a secure and tidy installation.
Marine and Offshore:DIN 1587 nuts are commonly used in marine and offshore applications. They are employed in boat fittings, dock installations, and offshore structures where exposure to saltwater and harsh marine environments is prevalent.
Pipe and Plumbing Fixtures:Hex dome cap nuts are used in pipe and plumbing installations to provide a decorative finish and protect exposed threads. They are commonly found in handrails, balustrades, and bathroom fixtures, adding a polished look while ensuring a secure connection.
Lighting and Fixtures:In lighting fixtures and decorative fittings, DIN 1587 nuts are used to secure bulbs, shades, and mounting brackets. The domed shape conceals hardware while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the fixture.