CNC machining service

Reliable CNC Machining Services in China, Rapid & Ultra Precision

From the initial production of mold components to the current one-stop CNC machined parts suppling, we have always insisted on precision manufacturing, and help customers get high-quality parts with the fastest and best service. We have a complete range of equipment including the 3-axis CNC machine, 4-axis CNC machine, 5-axis CNC machine, CNC lathe, Centerless grinder, EDM machine, etc, and numerous material supply chains, which are sufficient to deal with any CNC machined parts, whether plastic or metal, complex or simple. All you need to do is send us the drawings, and then you can rest assured to wait for the receipt.

With Our CNC machining services, you can get high-precision parts quickly and cost-effectively. Our experienced team is committed to delivering quality parts that meet even the most demanding requirements. Whatever your CNC machining needs, with our cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals, we guarantee to deliver the perfect solution.



  • Oil, Gas & Petro-Chemical
  • Offshore & Subsea
  • Construction
  • Ship building
  • Transmisson system
  • Precision Electronic
  • Aerospace And Defense
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical and Chemical
  • Construction


Diversified Machining Processes

We have a variety of equipment and corresponding technologies, these ensure you will get high quality CNC machined components in a short time, no matter the component is simple or complex, is common tolerance or ultra precision, is small volume or mass production.

CNC Milling

Our Core Values

Clients’ specific needs will be prioritized to listen and understand. Products and services is backed by a highly skilled and experienced workforce that leaves no stone unturned to develop solutions that match and reflect your vision. Whether your order is large or small, Try to make the service, price and delivery meet your expectations