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Electrical Transmission Tower Bolt Manufacturer

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading electrical transmission tower bolt manufacturer in China. Tower bolts refer to the large structural bolts used in the construction and maintenance of these towers. These tower bolts are heavy-duty, high-strength fasteners designed to secure various components of the tower structure, such as lattice sections, crossarms, and insulator assemblies.

These tower bolts play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and structural integrity of electrical transmission towers, as they need to withstand significant loads and environmental factors to ensure the reliable transmission of electricity. The specific design and dimensions of these tower bolts may vary based on the tower’s specifications and requirements.

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Specification of Electrical Transmission Tower Bolt:

Product nameTransmission Tower Bolt
Size and Length:Metric: M6-M100
Imperial:1/4" to 4"
Thread Type and Pitch:Metric: Up to 800mm
Imperial: Up to 30"
Material:carbon steel, alloy steel
Strength Grade:Metric: 400MPA/800MPA/1000MPA/1200MPA
Imperial: 125ksi/175ksi
Head Type:Hex head/flange head/square head/heavy hex head/round head
Finish and Coating:Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Industry Standards:ISO/ASTM/ASME/DIN/UNI/JIS
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets
Application:Construction/Agricultural Machinery/Industrial Structures/Equipment and Machinery/Infrastructure

FAQ about electrical transmission tower bolts:

1. What is the purpose of transmission tower bolts?

Transmission tower bolts play a critical role in securely fastening together the various components of electrical transmission towers, ensuring their structural integrity and stability.

2.How often should transmission tower bolts be inspected and replaced?

Regular inspections are essential to identify signs of corrosion, wear, or damage. The frequency of replacement depends on the condition of the bolts and the tower’s maintenance schedule.

3.What are transmission tower bolts?

Transmission tower bolts are large, heavy-duty fasteners used in the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission towers.

4.What materials are these bolts typically made of?

Often made of alloy steel or other corrosion-resistant materials to withstand environmental conditions.