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Galvanized Bolt Manufacturer In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co., Ltd is a leading galvanized bolt manufacturer in China. A galvanized bolt is a type of steel bolt that has undergone a galvanization process. Galvanization is a method of applying a protective zinc coating to the surface of steel or iron to prevent corrosion. This coating creates a barrier between the steel and the surrounding environment, making galvanized bolts highly resistant to rust and corrosion, even in challenging outdoor or marine conditions.

The galvanization process typically involves dipping the steel bolt into a bath of molten zinc. This results in a layer of zinc coating the entire surface of the bolt, including its threads and shank. Galvanized bolts are easily recognizable by their silver-gray appearance, which distinguishes them from untreated black steel bolts.

Galvanized bolts are commonly used in outdoor and marine applications, construction, and anywhere the bolts will be exposed to moisture or corrosive elements. They provide long-lasting protection against rust and can extend the lifespan of the fasteners and the structures or equipment they are used to assemble.

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Specification of Galvanized Bolts:

The specification of a galvanized bolt typically includes several important parameters and details that define its size, type, and characteristics. Here are some of the key specifications commonly used to describe black bolts:

Product nameGalvanized Bolts
Size and Length:Metric: M0.8-M100
Imperial:0# to 4"
Thread Type and Pitch:Metric: Up to 800mm
Imperial: Up to 30"
Material:carbon steel, alloy steel
Strength Grade:Metric: 400MPA/800MPA/1000MPA/1200MPA
Imperial: 125ksi/175ksi
Head Type:Hex head/flange head/square head/heavy hex head/round head
Finish and Coating:galvanized
Industry Standards:ISO/ASTM/ASME/DIN/UNI/JIS
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets
Application:Construction/Agricultural Machinery/Industrial Structures/Equipment and Machinery/Infrastructure

FAQ about galvanized Bolt:

1.What industries commonly use galvanized bolts?

Galvanized bolts are used in construction, infrastructure, utilities, marine, agriculture, and many other industries where corrosion resistance is essential.

2.Are there different types of zinc coatings for galvanized bolts?

Yes, there are different classes of zinc coatings that offer varying levels of corrosion resistance. The choice depends on the specific application and environmental conditions.

3.Do galvanized bolts require special storage conditions?

Galvanized bolts should be stored in a dry area to prevent moisture accumulation, which can lead to corrosion over time.