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GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts Manufacturer In China

As a manufacturer of GOST R 52645 Large Structural Hexagonal Nuts, we are committed to providing products of excellent quality and have professional production equipment and strict quality control systems. Our production line is equipped with advanced cold heading equipment, hot forging equipment, tapping machines, chamfering machines and heat treatment lines to ensure that the product production process is efficient and precise.

We produce in strict accordance with the GOST R 52645 standard requirements, use high-strength materials, and ensure that the quality and performance of the products meet the standards through strict quality control procedures. Whether it is the selection of materials, the control of production processes or the testing of final products, we always remain professional and rigorous.

In addition to high-quality products, we also focus on cooperation and communication with customers. Our team adheres to the professional spirit and is dedicated to providing customers with customized solutions and providing timely pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. When you choose us as your partner, you will receive high-quality and reliable GOST R 52645 large structural hexagonal nuts, as well as professional support and services to help you achieve business success.

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GOST R 52645 High-Strength Galvanized Heavy Hex Large Structural Hex Nuts

Specification of GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts :

The specification of GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts include the following details:

Product nameGOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts
Thread Diameter:M16-M48
Material:Steel: C45,40CR,35CRMO,42CRMO
Surface TreatmentZinc Plated/Plain/Black Oxidation/HDG/Dacromet
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets

Dimension Chart of GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts:

GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts Dimension Chart Drawing

Thread DiameterM16M20M22M24M27M30M36M42M48
s max273436414650607080
s min26.16333540454958.867.977.6
e max31.1839.2641.5747.3453.1257.7469.2880.8392.38
e min29.5637.2939.5545.250.8555.3766.4477.4188.46
k max17.120.723.624.227.630.736.64248
k min16.419.422.322.926.329.13540.446.4

Application of GOST R 52645 High-Strength Large Structural Hex Nuts:

GOST R 52645 high strength large structural hex nuts are specifically designed for applications requiring robust fastening solutions in large-scale structural assemblies. Here are some key applications:

Construction Industry:These high-strength hex nuts are commonly used in large construction projects such as bridges, high-rise buildings, stadiums, and industrial facilities. They provide secure fastening for structural components, ensuring stability and safety in high-load environments.
Infrastructure Projects:GOST R 52645 hex nuts are essential components in infrastructure projects including highways, railways, airports, and dams. They are used to fasten critical structural elements, withstand dynamic loads, and maintain the integrity of infrastructure systems.
Heavy Machinery and Equipment:In industries such as mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing, these hex nuts are employed in heavy machinery and equipment assembly. They provide reliable fastening for components such as frames, chassis, and support structures, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.
Power Generation:GOST R 52645 hex nuts are utilized in power generation facilities including thermal power plants, hydroelectric dams, and wind farms. They play a crucial role in securing components such as turbine assemblies, generators, and support structures, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power generation.