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Metric Bolt/Screw Torque Chart

A bolt/screw torque chart, also known as a torque specification chart, is a reference table that provides recommended torque values for tightening bolts, screws, and fasteners of various sizes and types. These charts are used in engineering, construction, automotive, and other industries where proper fastener tightening is critical for safety and performance.

Includes the following information:
1.Fastener Size: The chart lists the size of the bolt or screw, usually specified by its diameter and sometimes its length.
2.Fastener Type: It specifies the type of fastener, such as hex bolts, socket head cap screws, or lag screws.
3.Material and Grade: Information about the material and grade or strength class of the fastener. For example, common grades for bolts are 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9.
4.Recommended Torque: The most important part of the chart is the recommended torque value (usually in units like Newton-meters or foot-pounds) to properly tighten the fastener. This value ensures that the fastener is secured with the right amount of force, preventing over-tightening or under-tightening.
Bolt class Size socket [mm]CLASS 5.8CLASS 8.8CLASS 10.9Class 12.9507080
M1.60,11 Nm0,17 Nm0,24 Nm0,29 Nm0,10 Nm0,20 Nm
M20,22 Nm0,35 Nm0,49 Nm0,58 Nm0,25 Nm0,30 Nm
M2.20,29 Nm0,46 Nm0,64 Nm0,77 Nm
M2.50,44 Nm0,70 Nm0,98 Nm1,20 Nm0,45 Nm0,60 Nm
M30,77 Nm1,20 Nm1,70 Nm2,10 Nm1,00 Nm1,10 Nm
M3.51,20 Nm1,90 Nm2,70 Nm3,30 Nm
M471,9 Nm2,9 Nm4,1 Nm4,9 Nm0,9 Nm2 Nm2,7 Nm
M583,7 Nm6 Nm8,5 Nm10 Nm2 Nm4 Nm5,3 Nm
M6106,4 Nm10 Nm14 Nm17 Nm3,2 Nm7 Nm9 Nm
M81316 Nm25 Nm35 Nm41 Nm8 Nm17 Nm23 Nm
M1017 / 1631 Nm49 Nm69 Nm83 Nm16 Nm33 Nm45 Nm
M1219 / 1854 Nm86 Nm120 Nm145 Nm27 Nm58 Nm77 Nm
M1422 / 2186 Nm135 Nm190 Nm230 Nm43 Nm93 Nm124 Nm
M1624130 Nm210 Nm295 Nm355 Nm66 Nm142 Nm190 Nm
M1827180 Nm290 Nm405 Nm485 Nm93 Nm198 Nm265 Nm
M2030255 Nm410 Nm580 Nm690 Nm130 Nm278 Nm371 Nm
M2232345 Nm550 Nm780 Nm930 Nm174 Nm374 Nm499 Nm
M2436440 Nm710 Nm1000 Nm1200 Nm224 Nm480 Nm640 Nm
M2741650 Nm1050 Nm1500 Nm1800 Nm331 Nm708 Nm
M3046880 Nm1450 Nm2000 Nm2400 Nm450 Nm964 Nm
M33501200 Nm1900 Nm2700 Nm3250 Nm609 Nm
M36551550 Nm2450 Nm3450 Nm4150 Nm782 Nm
M39602.000 Nm3.200 Nm4.500 Nm5.400 Nm1.013 Nm
M42652.450 Nm3.950 Nm5.550 Nm6.650 Nm
M45703.100 Nm4.950 Nm6.950 Nm8.350 Nm
M48753.750 Nm5.950 Nm8.400 Nm10.100 Nm
M52804.800 Nm7.650 Nm10.800 Nm12.900 Nm
M56855.950 Nm9.550 Nm13.400 Nm16.100 Nm
M60907.400 Nm11.900 Nm16.700 Nm20.000 Nm
M64958.950 Nm14.300 Nm20.100 Nm24.100 Nm
M6810010.800 Nm17.300 Nm24.300 Nm29.100 Nm
Torque charts are essential tools for ensuring that fasteners are tightened to the correct specifications, preventing issues like fastener failure, leaks, or structural problems. They help maintain the safety and reliability of mechanical systems and structures.