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Sheet Metal Fabrication

At its core, sheet metal fabrication is the process of building metal parts and products from raw metal sheets – such as stainless steel, aluminium and yellow metals (excluding gold). We use a range of techniques to create the perfect product for each and every one of our clients, and are committed to building strong relationships with the businesses we work with. Sheet metal fabrication is the forming of metal components using a variety of procedures. The most common method is to combine separate metal components to form a larger end product. Processes such as welding, CAD design, laser cutting, powder coating, press braking and metal folding and more are utilised to mechanically join the components and produce a high-quality finish, resulting in a variety of products of various forms and sizes. We are a highly specialised team of experts, and as a result, have an extensive specialist skill-set in our arsenal. This allows us to offer guidance and ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.


  • Oil, Gas & Petro-Chemical
  • Offshore & Subsea
  • Construction
  • Ship building
  • Transmisson system
  • Precision Electronic
  • Aerospace And Defense
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical and Chemical
  • Construction


Our Machinery

Our factory are fully equipped with modern, efficient and high precision machinery. We offer advanced and up-to-date manufacturing processes to provide the services and capabilities you need.


Our Core Values

Clients’ specific needs will be prioritized to listen and understand. Products and services is backed by a highly skilled and experienced workforce that leaves no stone unturned to develop solutions that match and reflect your vision. Whether your order is large or small, Try to make the service, price and delivery meet your expectations