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ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins Manufacturer In China

Ningbo Teng Qi Fasteners Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer, we offer high-quality ASME B18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins, providing reliable solutions to the needs of various industries. We have advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, including wire drawing machines, cold heading machines, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, grinders and heat treatment equipment. These equipment can meet the requirements of various specifications and sizes and ensure the precision processing and high quality of products. quality.

In addition to advanced production equipment, we are also equipped with professional testing equipment and strict quality control processes. Metallographic analyzers, projectors, salt spray testing machines and other equipment ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. We are committed to ensuring that every product meets standard requirements to meet customer needs.

Stainless Steel SS304 ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered Straight Pins
Stainless Steel SS316 ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered Straight Pins

Specification of ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins:

The specification of ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins include the following details:

Product nameASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins
Pin Diameter:1/16"-1"
Material:Steel: Q235/Q195/C45
Stainless Steel: SS304/SS316
Surface TreatmentPlain
Packaging:Boxes/cartons into wooden pallets

Dimension Chart of ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins:

Basic Pin DiameterPin Diameter A (Max)Pin Diameter A (Min)Chamfer Length, C (Max)Chamfer Length, C (Min)

Application of ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins:

ASME B 18.8.2 Chamfered and Square end Straight Pins find extensive applications in the following areas:

Machinery and Equipment:Straight pins are extensively used in machinery and equipment for aligning and securing components such as gears, shafts, pulleys, and bearings. They provide precise alignment and prevent relative movement between parts, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging equipment lifespan.
Automotive Industry:Straight pins are employed in the automotive industry for various applications, including engine assembly, transmission systems, suspension components, and braking systems. They are used for alignment, support, and retention of critical parts, contributing to vehicle performance and safety.
Railway Transportation Sector:UNI 5588 hex nuts are frequently employed in the fixation and connection of railway tracks, train vehicles, and signaling equipment. They withstand the vibration and impact during train operation, ensuring the stability and safe operation of railway transportation systems.
Construction and Building:Straight pins are employed in construction and building projects for various purposes, such as formwork assembly, concrete reinforcement, and structural alignment. They provide temporary or permanent support and alignment during construction activities, ensuring precise placement and stability of building elements.